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Swiss Parliament Ratifies U.S. Disclosure Agreement; Too Late for Voluntary Disclosure Program

Linda Beale reports that the Swiss Parliament has ratified the U.S.-Swiss agreement providing for the release of  U.S. account-holder information on about 4,500 accounts: It is likely that the names will start flowing very soon

More Statistics Showing that the Rich Pay Bulk of U.S. Taxes

From Paul Caron, here is yet another study that shows that the rich pay a highly disproportionate share of federal taxes. Of course, we shouldn’t expect this study to change the minds of the soak-the-rich crowd when the 50 studies

The Richest 10% Pay 71% of Federal Income Taxes

Kay Bell takes a look at who pays federal income taxes in Where Does Your Taxable Income Rank: Kiplinger took 2007 tax data (the most complete available) from the IRS and created an online calculator

IRS’s Home Mortgage Indebtedness Ruling Much Ado About a Little Bit

I got unduly excited when I read the following headline in the Journal of Accountancy: IRS Rules That Mortgages Over $1 Million Can Be Deductible Great, I thought. Now my heart surgeon client with a $2

IRS is Auditing More Taxpayers; Hire a Reputable Preparer

The Associated Press reports that the IRS is intensifying and expanding its tax return audit program: The IRS is making it a bit riskier to cheat on your taxes