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Tax Lien Release

The Orlando and Tampa-based CPAs, tax attorneys and IRS Enrolled Agents of The Pappas Group have more than fifty years combined experience helping taxpayers avoid or eliminate federal tax liens.

When Does the Bank Levy End?

The tax attorneys, CPAs, and IRS enrolled agents at The Pappas Group in Orlando have gotten hundreds of IRS bank levies voluntarily released by the IRS.

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If the IRS levies your bank account the levy will end when:

  1. A release of levy is obtained,
  2. You pay your tax debt, or
  3. The statute of limitation expires for legally collecting the tax. Generally, the IRS has only ten years to collect a tax once it is assessed.

There are several ways to get the IRS to release or withdraw a federal tax lien:

  • Pay the tax you owe in full
  • Show that the IRS did not follow proper IRS procedure in filing the tax lien and/or violated your taxpayer rights
  • Settle the tax debt for less than the full amount via an Offer in Compromise
  • Prove significant hardship

If the IRS has filed or is threatening to file a tax lien against you, call one of our experienced tax professionals in Orlando or Tampa immediately for a free consultation.

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The IRS audited my 2007 and 2008 tax returns and disallowed 100% of my business expenses because the auditor said I didn’t have sufficient records. I hired The Pappas Group and they were able to prove by other means that my deductions were valid and the IRS ended up only disallowing about 15% of my expenses. Had I not hired Pappas I would been assessed taxes, penalties and interest in excess of $100,000. The Pappas group now does all of my accounting work and prepares both my business and personal tax returns.

Susan T.Lakeland, FL


The IRS put a lien on my assets and said I owed it more than $70,000. I hired Pappas and he prepared and filed my delinquent tax returns, got the IRS debt reduced to less than $10,000 and got the lien released. The Pappas Group did what they said they would do.

Hank T.Winter Park, FL