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Tax Problems

If you have tax problems of any kind you have come to the right place. The experienced tax professionals at The Pappas Group have more than 50 years combined experience helping taxpayers resolve tax problems including, but not limited to, preparation and filing of back tax returns, representation in IRS audits, applications for relief from IRS liens and levies, negotiation of IRS installment payment agreements and IRS settlements.

Whether you choose to hire us or someone else, remember, ignoring an IRS tax problem or Florida tax problem will only make matters worse. In our experience, early involvement of a tax CPA, tax attorney, or an IRS enrolled agent usually results in the avoidance of intensified IRS enforced collection activity, the avoidance of IRS criminal charges and in many cases substantial savings in taxes, penalties and interest.

We can help you with the following matters:

Unfiled Back Taxes

We prepare and file your old tax returns.

Unfiled Tax Returns

We’ll help you get current with your unfiled tax returns.

Payroll Tax Liability

We help small businesses with their IRS payroll tax problems.

Tax Evasion

We can help minimize and avoid penalties.

IRS Bank Levies

If you’ve received a Notice of Levy, we can help you.

Federal IRS Tax Lien

When the IRS lays claim on your property.

IRS Wage Garnishment

We can help get rid of your wage garnishments.

Florida Sales Tax Crimes

We can help taxpayers resolve their Florida sales tax problems.

Foreign Account Reporting

Report your offshore bank accounts.

IRS Liens

We can help get your IRS lien released.

IRS Audits

We help you deal with the IRS and audits.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Find out if you qualify for innocent spouse relief.

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Some tax professionals know the law; others know the numbers. Very few know both. We are CPAs and Tax Attorneys. Let our dual qualifications go to work for you today.