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Accounting & Bookkeeping

The Orlando based accounting firm, The Pappas Group, P.A. provides accounting services to more than one hundred local small businesses.  We have been providing regular accounting, bookkeeping and tax compliance services to the Central Florida small business community for more than 20 years.  Because we employ only experienced and highly conscientious accountants, we are able to do your accounting and tax work at very affordable rates.

One of the best ways to avoid tax problems or unexpected financial problems is to keep an eye on your accounting a regular basis.  Our accounting professionals have more than 50 years combined experience handling the books, records and accounting functions for a wide range of Businesses in Orlando and throughout Florida.   Call us today to discuss our accounting services and our rates.

Sloppy Bookkeeping Causes IRS Problems

Most people who get in trouble with the IRS or state taxing authorities keep very poor books and records.

This is especially true of the small business owner who has limited labor resources and lacks experience with accounting and bookkeeping.

The Problem is Easy and Inexpensive to Correct

Outsource your bookkeeping functions.

Millions of small businesses throughout America hire an outside accounting/CPA firm to keep their book and records on a monthly basis and prepare and file their payroll tax returns and income tax returns.

Usually, this extremely important work can be done by a qualified accounting firm for 3 to 5 hundred dollars per month.

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The IRS audited my 2007 and 2008 tax returns and disallowed 100% of my business expenses because the auditor said I didn’t have sufficient records. I hired The Pappas Group and they were able to prove by other means that my deductions were valid and the IRS ended up only disallowing about 15% of my expenses. Had I not hired Pappas I would been assessed taxes, penalties and interest in excess of $100,000. The Pappas group now does all of my accounting work and prepares both my business and personal tax returns.

Susan T.Lakeland, FL