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Firm Policies

Every successful business has a set of policies that guide them in their day-to-day operations.

Here are ours:

Office Hours

Firm offices shall open for business at 8:30 am and close at 5:00 pm.

Interactions with Clients and Guests of the Firm

We will refund client fees in whole or in part as the situation warrants. Refunds will be automatically made in the following situations:

  • The problem for which we were hired is resolved before we have begun work on the matter
  • The client changes his or her mind about using our services before we have begun work on the matter
  • We made an error that cannot be corrected or that the client was forced to have someone else correct

We will not refund client fees, either in whole or in part, in the following situations:

  • The client changes his or her mind after we have begun work on the matter
  • The client has not provided the information we requested on a timely basis and as a result we were unable to do the work for which we were contracted
  • The client provided false or incorrect information making it impossible for us to perform the services for which we were engaged


The Pappas Group, P.A. is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, creed, skin color or sexual preference. Our policy is and always has been to hire the best candidate for the job.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment, which for our purposes is defined to include both verbal and non-verbal language and any act that has the effect of creating a sexually hostile work environment, is a ground for dismissal. Employees who are subject to harassment or believe that others are being subject to harassment are encouraged to contact management immediately so that the problem can be addressed. Intentionally false charges of sexual harassment are also grounds for dismissal and will be dealt with accordingly.

Work Attire

The dress code is dress casual. Sneakers, sandals, blue jeans and skirts and dresses that end above the knee are not permitted.

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The IRS audited my 2007 and 2008 tax returns and disallowed 100% of my business expenses because the auditor said I didn’t have sufficient records. I hired The Pappas Group and they were able to prove by other means that my deductions were valid and the IRS ended up only disallowing about 15% of my expenses. Had I not hired Pappas I would been assessed taxes, penalties and interest in excess of $100,000. The Pappas group now does all of my accounting work and prepares both my business and personal tax returns.

Susan T.Lakeland, FL