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Another IRS Amnesty Program: The Voluntary Classification Settlement Program

The IRS is apparently so happy with the results of it’s offshore voluntary disclosure program that it has established a similar program in the area of worker classification.

IRS Commish Wants Simpler Tax Code

IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman has come out for tax simplification: Most taxpayers want simplicity. They want to pay what they owe, understand what tax benefits they are entitled to, and not get tripped up

Eliminating IRS Penalties

When you file or pay your taxes late or are audited and changes are made to your return the IRS will usually assess a penalty against you. The IRS penalty rates vary from  5 percent

Disgorgement by Tax Preparer Denied by U.S. Federal Court

The IRS was handed a huge defeat in federal district court on Tuesday when Judge Anne B. Conway of the Middle District of Florida ruled that the United States had not proved that even $1 of profits