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IRS Broke the Law 32,000 Times in Issuance of Tax Liens

WebCPA reports that an estimated 32,552 taxpayers may have been harmed because the IRS did not follow legal requirements to notify them and their representatives of their rights related to tax liens in a timely fashion

IRS Slaps Tax Lien on Singer R. Kelly

WebCPA tells us that the IRS has filed a tax lien against singer R. Kelly for $837,442.59: The IRS filed the tax lien against the Grammy-winning R&B singer-songwriter in January 2010, according to the Detroit News.

Exploiter of Son’s Death, Cindy Sheehan, Owes IRS $100K in Back Taxes

You remember Cindy Sheehan, don’t you? She is the proud soldier’s mother who remained silent about President Bush and the Iraq war as long as it was the sons of other mothers who died in battle

IRS Use of Tax Liens Often Violates its Stated Mission

Paul Caron discusses Danshera Cords’ Brandeis Law Review article Lien on Me: Virtual Debtors Prisons, The Practical Effects of Tax Liens and Proposals for Reform, 49 Brandeis L.J. 341 (2011)