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Bicycle Accidents and Dangers

San Diego Bicycle accident lawyer

In San Diego, bicycle accidents are commonplace. In fact, they account for a large number of bicycle accidents every year. The statistics show that most bicycle accidents are not the fault of the drivers, but rather, it is the negligence of the bicyclist. Most drivers state that they are careful when riding bicycles, but unfortunately, it is simply not enough to make sure that you will avoid an accident. If you were involved in such an event, we recommend calling a San Diego Bicycle accident lawyer.

There are many different factors that may cause bicycle accidents. They may include: bad weather; heavy traffic; lack of proper bike maintenance and inexperienced or reckless driving. Another common cause is failure to wear a protective helmet. This may lead to head injuries and even death. Bicyclists need to protect themselves from these hazards. Some of these ways can be done by simply purchasing a bicycle helmet and being aware of its basic safety features.

One of the most common causes of bicycle accidents happens when drivers are turning without looking. A lot of cyclists seem to do this unconsciously. However, this mistake can have serious consequences especially if it leads to hitting another vehicle or a pedestrian. The first thing that a driver should do when turning is to look both directions. It is very important that drivers check their surroundings before turning. You might want to also consider looking at other automobiles and their drivers because they may also be making turns.

Bicyclists also share common causes of bicycle accidents in unsafe lane changes and blind spots. These cause different problems when it comes to safety. Some of the common causes of lane changes and blind spots include: driving in an unsafe lane | cyclist | blind spot | may cause | cause} Some cyclists also experience blind spots when they pass other vehicles. When passing other vehicles, a cyclist needs to take extra care. They need to ensure that they are not being surrounded by oncoming traffic or by objects such as trees and street signs. The same goes for when a bicycle rider wants to make a turn. An attentive driver may cause him to miss a turning cyclist.

Bicyclists are particularly vulnerable to accidents due to head injuries. Head injuries can result to blunt trauma or concussion which can affect the brain. This will most definitely result to a loss of consciousness. This condition can occur even with a small injury. When this occurs, the person’s reflexes and judgment may be impaired and this may cause him to lose his bicycle. More serious cases of brain injuries have resulted to fatalities.

Bicycle accidents are usually caused by reckless or careless drivers. These drivers don’t pay enough attention to pedestrians, oncoming cars or anything that might lead them into danger. Some drivers even forget to signal or slow down when passing a bicycle. These irresponsible drivers are known to cause more severe injuries especially to children and teenagers. It has been found out that a large number of bicycle fatalities take place at the time of evening while school students are in school.

When a motor vehicle hits a bicycle, it is considered a negligent act. Negligent means that the driver did not take necessary precautions or exercise due diligence. Due to this reason, negligent accidents are oftentimes a lot costly to victims. The court system looks at several factors before handing out fines and/or penalties. Motor vehicle accident lawyers are there to provide assistance and counsel to those who suffered from injuries caused by auto collisions and motorcycle accidents.

Majority of accidents involving bicycles are attributed to negligence of the driver turning left. Studies show that a majority of casualties that involve bicycles are the result of driver turning left. The reason behind this phenomenon is that right-turning motorists are more likely to fail to see bicyclists. The turners are not visible to them since they are turning left and they fail to check their surroundings. They are also distracted with other cars coming up behind them or their lights are flashing while making turns.

A great number of these cyclist deaths occur during unfavorable weather conditions like rain, fog, snow or icy conditions. Road accidents involving bicycles are also more likely to happen during night time. This is because most inexperienced cyclists do not wear reflective gear or wear helmets that offer a certain level of protection against head injuries. According to statistics, a growing number of cycling accidents occur at night. This is attributed to an increasing number of reckless driver on the road during the night.

Cyclists can help lower the number of casualties caused by automobile accidents by educating themselves about safe cycling techniques and the basic principles of bicycling. There are also efforts being made by various governmental and non-governmental organizations to educate drivers and cyclists about the risks involved in such behaviors. These advocacy efforts are part of the wider campaign to reduce fatalities and injuries caused by automobiles and other modes of transportation across the United States.