Video: ACORN Unenrolled Preparers Give Tax Advice to Sex Trader

Video: ACORN Unenrolled Preparers Give Tax Advice to Sex Trader

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When you watch this video forget the messenger and just focus on the message. Then imagine that these crazies are working for a Republican grassroots organization rather than ACORN. Do you think the main stream media would be ignoring the story?

Incidentally, these “ladies” are unenrolled tax preparers. The kind of preparer that tax blogger Robert Flach says he would choose over a CPA “until I go to my grave.”

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  1. Poor people often solicit Tax advice at the wrong location.

    Why didn’t Mr Okeefe and his friend do their research at a local IRS office ?
    Quite sure they would have gotten better Tax advice, THEY may have gotten ARRESTED for trying such a hoax on Federal Property too.

  2. I’m curious as to how the two “tax preparers” are identified with ACORN? Is it because Mr. Beck says so or because there are clips of a flag with ACORN prominently displayed on it blowing in the wind before and after the clandestine interview?

    Lastly, wouldn’t reporting all income (even illegal income) benefit the US treasury and taxpayers?

  3. Wood,

    They weren’t looking to get correct tax advice, they were looking to expose the corruption in ACORN.

    I think they accomplished that, don’t you?

    You can’d defend the indefensible.

    And telling someone you don’t care if they are running a child sex trade operation and then advising them on how to get away with it is rather indefensible, don’t you think?

  4. jt,

    The two ladies in the video were subsquently fired by ACORN so I think its safe to assume they were employed by ACORN.

    And are you actually saying that its good for the country to have sex slave trade businesses as long as they pay taxes and thereby benefit the country?

    Come on!

    It’s time to set aside our partisan differences and stop defending the indefensible.

  5. No doubt, regulatiton of tax preparers is something that should have been done a LOOONNNNGGGGG time ago, and this incident also makes a case for that.

    How soon will it be before this regulation takes place? Will the regualtion requirements be in force for this upcoming tax season in January 2010, requiring registration or other equivalent or higher credentials of tax preparers to prepare tax returns for the public?


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