Uncle Sal preparing your taxes this year? 5 signs to make you reconsider

Uncle Sal preparing your taxes this year? 5 signs to make you reconsider

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tax returnAs Americans start gathering their 2012 tax documents for the annual pilgrimage to their tax preparers office, here are 5 signs your tax preparer may be trouble waiting to happen. As Brian O’Connell, of  MSN  Money in 5 Signs of a Lousy Tax Preparer shares these tips can save you a lot of financial headaches and heartaches if you just use common sense when choosing your tax preparer.

Just as you wouldn’t choose a doctor that promised  a cure without reviewing your past medical history or had  suspect credentials or  billing practices, you shouldn’t choose a tax preparer with similar red flags.

Remember, saving a few dollars by having a relative, family friend, friend of a friend, neighbor, friend of a neighbor (you get the picture) is not the wisest choice to make when dealing with your income taxes and financial future.

At The Pappas Group, your tax returns will be personally prepared and managed by a team of credentialed and experienced professionals including Mr. Peter Pappas, a Certified Public Accountant and Tax Attorney since 1992, and  highly trained IRS Enrolled Agents, Judy Infinger and Vicky Helle.

With over 75 years of accounting and tax preparation experience, there is little the staff of The Pappas Group has not encountered and assisted our clients with. We can help you too.

For a complimentary review of your last  tax return (to put to rest any doubts about how your taxes were previously prepared), please call our office today to schedule an appointment at 407-648-2555. We are located in Baldwin Park, Orlando.

We look forward to helping you with your personal and corporate taxes and providing you confidence that your taxes were prepared accurately with highly trained and experienced professionals.