Nearly 40% of IRS Seizures are Illegal

Nearly 40% of IRS Seizures are Illegal

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This doesn’t come as a surprise to me, but it’s still disturbing.

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration has released its Fiscal Year 2011 Review of Compliance With Legal Guidelines When Conducting Seizures of Taxpayers’ Property (2011-30-049).

It found that the IRS failed to follow the law in 38% of all seizures.

In conducting its statutory review, TIGTA reviewed a random sample of 50 of the 578 seizures conducted from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010, to determine whether the IRS is complying with all requirements and guidelines when conducting each seizure.

In the majority of seizures, the IRS followed all guidelines, and TIGTA did not identify any instances in which the taxpayers were adversely affected. However, … TIGTA identified 25 instances in which the IRS did not comply with a particular [Internal Revenue Code] requirement involving 19 of the 50 seizures reviewed.

I predict that IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman will cite the lack of adequate funding as the culprit in this latest incident of IRS misconduct.

The IRS’s standard, automatic defense to every allegation of misconduct, inefficiency, wastefulness and taxpayer abuse is, and I paraphrase,

If you gave us more money these things wouldn’t happen.¹

I say, when these things stop happening, then we’ll give you more money.


¹  What do you suppose would happen if you told your boss that if he just gave you a raise, you would stop screwing up?

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  1. pablo marquez says:

    An IRS error caused a $82000 tax for 1998, we have contested this year after year to no avail. IRS says they cannot find file, cannot re-audit, too bad, sue prior Attiorneys, etc. We contend we could not have made income to merit $82,000 in taxes that year alone? IRS is now saying TOO bad we are seizing your property worth $250000, your Retirement $130000 and your IRA of $11000? This still does not add up and is far more than we owe?! This is the IRS over reaching, continued errors and ommissions, IRS blantant destruction of our finances and by doing this it will lead us directly into poverty. I am unemployed my wife and I are senior citizens, the IRS refuses to compromise, settle or negotiate and again the Tax Attorney we hired has abandoned us after paying him?