Florida Used Car Dealers Targeted for Sales Tax Fraud; Theft of State Funds

Florida Used Car Dealers Targeted for Sales Tax Fraud; Theft of State Funds

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The state of Florida is targeting used car dealers for their failure to remit collected Florida sales taxes and bringing charges against their owners and officers for theft of state funds. In the last two years, we have represented over a dozen Florida used car dealers whose owners and officers are under criminal investigation for failing to cause their businesses to remit the sales taxes it collected from its customers.

A conviction for theft of state funds carries with it a penalty of up to 15 years in prison plus fines, costs and restitution. It is a serious crime and is treated as such by the Florida criminal courts.

If you are a Florida used car dealer and have collected and failed to remit your Florida sales tax, you need to speak to an experienced criminal tax defense attorney immediately. Do not speak with the a Florida criminal investigator before first consulting with a tax attorney because whatever you say to the investigator may and probably will be used against you.

It is possible to prevent criminal charges being brought against you if you are proactive in getting the matter resolved at the earliest stage of the collection or criminal investigation process. Once the case is sent to a state prosecutor it is difficult to get the case dismissed.

Call us today for a free telephone evaluation and consultation about your case. Again, addressing the problem early in the criminal investigation process (or civil collection process if it has not yet been referred to a criminal investigator) greatly increases your chances of a favorable resolution.

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