Criminal Tax Defense

    If an IRS official believes that you might have broken the law or are currently breaking the law, he or she will refer the matter to the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID). The Pappas Group has over 20 years experience representing clients facing criminal tax investigation and prosecution.

    Have you received notice from the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID)? Contact the criminal tax defense attorneys at The Pappas Group for a free consultation.

    The most frequently investigated criminal violations are:

    • Failure to file an income tax return
    • Structuring transactions to avoid information reporting requirements
    • Filing false tax returns
    • Failing to report income
    • Taking frivolous and unsupported tax deductions
    • Promoting and/or participating in fraudulent tax shelters
    • Filing a false tax return on someone else’s behalf

    If you or your company has engaged in alleged criminal tax activities there may be serious consequences such as financial penalties, forfeiture of real property, cash and assets. You may also face felony criminal charges and a lengthy prison sentence.

    Your rights and interests are best served by hiring an attorney with the expertise and resources to represent you during criminal tax proceedings. The Pappas Group’s team of criminal tax defense attorneys, CPAs, and IRS Enrolled Agents are proficient in preparing and defending their clients during criminal tax investigations and prosecution.

    If you or your business is facing criminal investigation or prosecution contact The Pappas Group for a free confidential consultation about your case today.

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