Satisfied Clients

My business received a Notice of Sale Tax Audit last year in 2013 that came with a 3 page single-spaced list of initial documentation the State of Florida was requesting. As soon as the State heard from The Pappas Group that initial list changed to three line items. From that moment on I did not have to deal with the State again. Pappas and his associates handled everything. It was a huge load off my mind. They deciphered all the letters and regulations and asked me to provide specific documents to the State rather than me turning over all of my records and letting the State have a field day. They handled all the little back and forth phone calls and emails and I never had to give a second thought or worry that had missed something. Vicki was awesome in reviewing everything the state asked for and everything I provided to make sure it was all done fairly and within the bounds of the law.

D. M. - Orlando, FL

This is to let everybody know that I had hired the services of Pappas Group for tax purposes and had very satisfactory results. This law firm is very reliable and would definitely recommend to all and everybody.

Roy H. - Orlando, FL

First of all, we wanted to thank you for your support and prompt resolution of our case with the FDOR. We had been dealing with this issue for six long months and as a result put a strain in our health and marriage. It wasn’t until we hired your firm to deal with the FDOR that everything started to fall in place and the process moving forward. Before we knew it, it was over and we were pleased with the results, owing only a fraction of what we had anticipated. We are very grateful for the professionalism, patience and understanding that your office displayed beginning at the reception desk. Many thanks to Vicky for constantly reassuring us and handling all the grunt work. We have never been in a situation so stressful and confusing as an audit. Thank you again.

Cesar M. - Orlando, FL

I owed more than $200,000 in back taxes to the IRS. I hired The Pappas Group and they immediately did a complete analysis of my financial situation and ended up filing an Offer in Compromise on my behalf with the IRS. After several months of negotiations, Pappas was able to convince the IRS to accept $42,000 in complete and final settlement of the debt. The Pappas Group saved me $158,000! All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.

Susan W. - Tampa, FL

The IRS audited my 2007 and 2008 tax returns and disallowed 100% of my business expenses because the auditor said I didn’t have sufficient records. I hired The Pappas Group and they were able to prove by other means that my deductions were valid and the IRS ended up only disallowing about 15% of my expenses. Had I not hired Pappas I would been assessed taxes, penalties and interest in excess of $100,000. The Pappas group now does all of my accounting work and prepares both my business and personal tax returns.

Susan T. - Lakeland, FL

The state of Florida came after me criminally for collected but unremitted sales taxes. The Pappas Group negotiated a deal with the prosecutors that got the charges dropped and allowed me to repay in monthly installments what I owed. They worked fast and efficiently and I would recommend their services to anyone being investigated by the taxing authorities.

Steve P. - Kissimmee, FL

The IRS audited my 2007, 2008 and 2009 business tax returns and disallowed most of my expenses. I hired Pappas and he appealed the IRS’s assessments and was able to prove to the IRS that the returns were correct as filed. Outstanding job.

Kerry K. - Orlando, FL

The IRS put a lien on my assets and said I owed it more than $70,000. I hired Pappas and he prepared and filed my delinquent tax returns, got the IRS debt reduced to less than $10,000 and got the lien released. The Pappas Group did what they said they would do.

Hank T. - Winter Park, FL

I was charged with filing false tax returns and faced three years in prison and a fine of $250,000. Pappas Group amended my tax returns and negotiated an agreement with the Attorney General allowing me only probation and a fine of $40,000.

James M. - Daytona Beach, FL

I hadn’t filed a tax return in eight years and the IRS filed them for me and said I owed more than $200,000 in back taxes, penalties and interest. The Pappas Group prepared and filed my returns and was able to reduce my liability to $30,000.00.

Terry W. - Orlando, FL