Disgorgement by Tax Preparer Denied by U.S. Federal Court

The IRS was handed a huge defeat in federal district court on Tuesday when Judge Anne B. Conway of the Middle District of Florida ruled that the United States had not proved that even $1 of profits (ill-gotten gains) received by a…

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Video: Tax Rules for Same-Sex Couples

From Paul Caron

Uncle Sal preparing your taxes this year? 5 signs to make you reconsider

As Americans start gathering their 2012 tax documents for the annual pilgrimage to their tax preparers office, here are 5 signs your tax preparer may be trouble waiting to happen. As Brian O’Connell, of  MSN  Money in 5 Signs…

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IRS: “We’re sorry for 8 day delay in opening 2012 Tax Season”

The Internal Revenue Service said that following Congress’ tax law changes last week it won’t begin processing individual income tax returns until Jan. 30, eight days later than usual. Susanna Kim, ABCNEWS.com, reports: The American…

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Estates, Trusts & Partnerships Tax Planning and Return Preparation

Estate Planning and Estate Taxes Pappas & Associates regularly advises clients on wealth transfers and the minimization of death taxes. As part of our Estates and Trusts services we prepare and advise clients on the…

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