Taxes Kill People

Leroy Baker of Tax News. Com reports that car crash deaths increase on tax filing  day. The Journal of American Medical Association did a study and found that traffic deaths have increased an average of…

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In Your Face Governor Tells Undertaxed Billionaire to Pay Up or Shut Up

Chris Christie’s in-your -face-I-don’t-take-no-crap-from-anyone schtick is getting old. If I hear him tell some John or Jane Doe to shut up and mind their own business again, I think I’ll lose a gasket. But Warren Buffett’s woe-is-me-I-am-so-undertaxed schtick…

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Synopsis of Two Weeks of Super Bowl Pre-Game Analysis

Timothy H. Tebow! If I have to listen to another pseudo-expert assert the patently obvious as if it were an epiphany, I think I’ll projectile vomit. Here’s a quick synopsis of 300 plus hours of expert pre-game “analysis”: Turnovers are…

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The Guy Who Wants to Raise Taxes on the Rich

“When you’re rich they think you really know.” – Fiddler on the Roof – The left thinks we should listen to this guy on tax issues:

Compassionate Liberal Alec Baldwin Shows How Much He Cares about the 99%

Alec Baldwin is a compassionate liberal who regularly accuses Republicans of being hateful, selfish and greedy. Apparently, Mr. Baldwin thinks this makes it okay for him to call his 13 year old daughter a rude, thoughtless little pig…

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