60% of Americans Want Across-the-Board Spending Cuts

Don Surber of DailyMail reports that 60% of Americans want to see accross the board spending cuts: One good thing about overspending by $4 trillion since Barack Obama become president: It eliminated all the sacred…

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71% of Americans Think Private Sector is More Competent than Government

The left loves to trot out polls that suggest that most Americans want the rich pay more taxes. Their hopes are, of course, that people will conflate these results and conclude that most Americans favor big…

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Poll: What to do About the Deficit Crisis

What is the Solution to the Deficit Crisis? Raise taxes on the rich Make across-the-board spending cuts Make spending cuts to entitlement programs only Raises taxes on the rich and cut spending Punt  

IRS Bracketology and Tax Madness

Syracuse tax professor Robert Nassau has published in PDF a cool NCAA-like bracket of IRS concepts. Check it out.   I must take mild exception, however, to his claim that this is the first ever…

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Public Opinion Polls and the Tax Debate

I often disagree with Derek Thompson of The Atlantic, but when he writes in 66% of Americans Want Higher Taxes on Rich, But there’s a Catch about the dangers of relying on public opinion polls he…

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