Happy Father’s Day Pops

I lost my Dad two years ago, but I suspect he’s looking down on me right now and saying something like this: Pepe (that was his nickname for me), don’t waste your time honoring me….

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A Chap from Hawaii

There once was a chap from Hawaii Who said he wouldn’t tax high ye. He spent like a drunk, The bottom line shrunk, Now he taxes ye tan and ye Pepsi      

Tax Poem

Tax his land, tax his wage, Tax his bed in which he lays. Tax his tractor, tax his mule, Teach him taxes are the rule. Tax his cow, tax his goat, Tax his pants, tax his coat….

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Michael Jackson Tribute Poem

Michael Lost in a world unchosen – Alien, afraid, alone. Burned by a childhood frozen – Wrong hair, wrong skin, wrong bone. Fifty Junes will not suffice – They seemed  just twenty two. Always “The One” had a price – A you that wasn’t really you? Lesser Kings have felt it…

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Congratulations Nephew Kyle, High School Grads

I’m in Wichita today celebrating my nephew Kyle’s high school graduation. These eighteen years have flown by and it got me to thinking about what’s truly important in life. Here’s a famous Robert Frost poem that sums…

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