The IRS Violates Taxpayer Rights Again

If the IRS followed its own procedures and honored the three Taxpayer Bills of Rights, fewer taxpayers would need to hire a tax attorney, CPA or enrolled agent to represent them. But time and again…

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In this episode of Taxation Nation tax attorney Peter Pappas discusses IRS enforced collection, liens, levies and seizures and the dreaded IRS Notice of Intent to Levy. Don’t ignore IRS notices. It only makes matters worse.

Can IRS Take My IRA

Many taxpayers wrongly believe that IRAs and other retirement accounts are protected from IRS seizure because the laws of their state exempt those assets from the reach of creditors. But since Federal law supersedes state law, the IRS is…

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Can IRS Take My House?

One of the questions taxpayers with delinquent tax debts ask us most frequently is “can the IRS take my house?” The bad news is that the IRS can indeed take your house. The good news is that it’s…

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